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What’s so good about vinyl/ PVC flooring?

1. Comes in many patterns and colours
Wood, carpet, stone, metal, you name it. Vinyl flooring pattern can be customised to your heart’s desire, basically anything you can think of.
If you lie vinyl imitation of wood flooring and solid hardwood flooring side by side for a visual comparison, you might not be able to tell them apart.

2. Texture imitation
Even the textures of wood and stone tiles can be imitated.

3. Environmental certification
In the recent years, PVC-manufacturing industries which are highly polluting and energy-consuming have been trying to develop ‘green’ vinyl flooring to improve their public image.
PVC is originally a harmless substance, but because the production of vinyl flooring involves a lot of additives and plasticisers, this type of flooring has a bad reputation of being harmful to humans.
When purchasing vinyl flooring, always choose products which complies with the ISO 9000 Quality Management System standards and ISO 14000 Environmental Management standards. This ensures the flooring you purchase is both safe and environmentally friendly.
On a side note, PVC is a recyclable flooring material.

4. Light and thin
Compared to wood, tiles and carpets, vinyl flooring excels in both weight and thickness.

5. Flexible and resistant to wear
High-quality PVC is flexible and unlikely to break upon high-impact collision. Vinyl sheets perform especially well in resisting shock.

6. Moisture-resistant and fireproof
High level of humidity does not at all affect the performance of vinyl flooring. Certified vinyl flooring’s anti-flammable quality is only second to stone.

7. Anti-slip and soundproof
The wear layer’s anti-slippery function makes this type of flooring suitable for outdoor and other public places where safety is a prime concern.
Hospitals often install vinyl flooring for its soundproofing quality.

8. Anti-bacterial
Special treatment on the surface of vinyl flooring makes it resistant to bacterial growth.

9. Affordable and easy to upkeep
Vinyl flooring only requires basic cleaning; it is also affordable compared to other types of flooring.

10. Suitable for DIY
Installing and repairing vinyl flooring is simple. For vinyl tiles, a good adhesive is all you need.

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